When The Family Needs The Help You Can’t Give

In a time full of divorces or simply the death of a father or a couple, in a family can cause an imbalance and often the functions of the father of a family are delegated to one of the children, who live with many responsibilities that you should not.

In these situations it is generally the older children who assume the role of substitute parents for their younger siblings and are the first to contribute to the house with money, starting to work from an early age. They saw their parents leave and instinctively so to speak they try to create a balance in the family with the aim of trying to preserve its structure and functionality.

So if you went through this situation and now you are an adult trying to build your own family with someone else but you have your mother in your care and you can not leave her alone, it is true that we have to be responsible for our parents and make ourselves charges of them when they have aged, but when it has to be balanced, now you need to be happy and it is not that your mother is going to prevent it, but I take care of her a long time, it would be best to take her to a nursing care Tijuana Mexico, that does not mean that you do not want it or that you do not care, rather you care a lot and you want to receive better medical care that at this time you can no longer, due to work and to meet your own family.

But making decisions for our benefit is not easy after having spent a lifetime living for the good of others, may have opposite feelings, be confused and be afraid to leave the family to luck and anguish for not having a life of their own . It is a difficult situation to understand, both for yourself and for others.
It is preferable to face the situation carefully so that they have not been affected. The family can interpret that it is an attitude of disloyalty not to assume the commitment that has been delegated for quite some time.
But neither is it about taking a physically and emotionally distant attitude, but about moving away from the function gradually, distributing the functions among the different members that make up the family.