Ways To Leave Friendzone

For some people the friendzone is another excuse to be sad, but certainly the friendzone exists; This is not a modern invention, an excuse, or a dramatic argument for movies or series. The friendzone is a reality, and it is when someone is tremendously in love with another person, but no matter how many attempts he makes, he is and always will be a good friend and only that. Sometimes the girls do not pay attention to the boys who are not physically attractive although this is not something that can be completely solved if Something can be done to improve the situation, for example go to your dentist for cosmetic dentistry Tijuana Mexico and fix your smile to make it more clean, white and charming.

And not only happens to men, it is very common to find stories of guys who have been in the friendzone; also happens to girls and there are many victims of this modern disease, in which something happens and for the love of your life, you become only your great friend of the soul, no matter what you do or the attempts you make, you are always the great friend of the soul, one more sister.

But leaving the friendzone is not impossible, you just need to repeat to yourself that you are already tired of that area, you want to leave the area of ??friends and take action to get out of this dangerous area.

1. Give your space
The first thing I recommend you do is stop spending so much time with the other person, if you want to stop seeing your sister, become indispensable and that he value your time and company; He will not do it if you are always there.

2. Stay entertained
If you are always thinking what he is doing, who he is with or if he is doing well, you will never take your mind off the friends zone. You need to do other things and meet other people.

3. Do not always be available for that person
You may have to say NO to them sometimes, although this will cost you work, because of the feelings and importance that that person generates; he must understand that if he wants your total company, love and affection, he must offer you something more than his friendship.

4. Look beautiful
It seems that in modern times what should matter most is what is inside, but for men this parameter is not yet so important; Never forget that a man falls in love with his sight. It is not always on how you look but also how you smell, try new lotions or fragrances.

5. Give him jealousy
Normally we always value things when we see them lost, in this case you never forget “you never know what you have, until another person comes and enjoys it”. So spend time with others, upload photos with handsome people and they will realise that you worth it.