How To Prevent And Stop Bullying

Nothing serves as an excuse for not acting forcefully in the face of any indication of bullying.

The stage of childhood is one of the most vulnerable in the face of aggression and is when parents have to take care of them. Many children are bullied for their physical appearance as crooked teeth which can be solved if you wear it with a dentist in mexico or some for being fat what is solved with physical activity and a good gym or wearing very large lenses for that is also the help from ophthalmologists.

Sometimes the quickest way to end bullying is to solve the problem for which children make fun of.

A great suffering in the victims, problems in the development of learning or negative consequences for the physical and / or mental health of harassed and stalkers that can extend to adulthood, becoming perennial and irreversible. These are some of the perverse effects of bullying.

Teachers in cases of bullying
Bullying is, on many occasions, very difficult to detect because, by definition, it is a situation of harassment of a group of schoolchildren against a helpless victim that takes place out of sight and control of adults. The toilets, the playground, sometimes the dining room, the surroundings of the schools and the virtual environment (mobile phone, social networks) are the most common spaces where these undesirable actions take place.

The observation: first tool against harassment
Nervousness, anxiety, sudden changes of character, a significant and abrupt decrease in school performance for no apparent reason, absences to class without justification … Detecting this type of symptoms in a student can put the teacher on the track of a possible case of harassment school.

Pay attention to the possible victim
Listening is the main resource. You should never underestimate a complaint or comment from a student who claims to suffer bullying. Although you have the perception that everything can be a subjective opinion of the boy or girl, you must act immediately and try to investigate more about the matter, dialoguing with both the alleged victims and potential bullies.

Educational measures and immediate protection
When the signs of bullying are sufficient, the intervention should not be delayed. Following the protocol of the center or, in the case that it has not been developed, some more general, the educational and disciplinary measures foreseen in these cases must be taken.

Education based on respect and tolerance
Although the complexity and often the urgency of the situation mean that these tools are not always enough, the ideal way to avoid bullying is to treat it from the same base, through education, where not only the school but also the school is involved. family and the whole society, based on values such as respect, tolerance or empathy with others: putting oneself in the place of the other.

It is very important that all the actions carried out are carried out in the shortest possible time with educational measures related to the behavior to be corrected. A problem of this type dilated in time, usually does nothing but aggravate.