How To Pretend To Be More Handsome

Human beings are social beings by nature. Even when each human being is presented as an individual in the world, being “human” can not be achieved if it is not related to others. Man is not an island, and we will always need others to grow, learn, develop and reproduce. One way to be handsome is with a beautiful smile. Going with your dentist in Tijuana makes you automatically handsome.

If you are a man, this work can be particularly complex when dealing with people of the opposite sex. Science then gives us some ways in which you can look more attractive if you are a man; and as a woman, aspects that you have unconsciously evaluated in your current partner or in the past. We share 10 ways in which a man looks more attractive according to science.

The effect generated by a great sense of humor in attracting a woman can be partially explained by the fact that funny people are considered more sociable and intelligent, aspects that women look for in a couple

If you analyze it carefully, think about the last meeting with friends and the first thing you will remember will be the time you laughed and the person who made you laugh; laughing makes us feel good, that’s why we seek to surround ourselves with people with whom laughing is always on the agenda. How about some stand-up comedy classes for a change?

Introducing the world as a HIGH Status


Fake it ’til you make it.


To achieve a “winning” presence you have to first feel and see yourself as a winner. The aspects to achieve this have no relation with your income or the amount of money you spend, they are more in line with the attitude you have regarding life and your way of showing yourself in different scenarios of social coexistence.


Surround yourself with people you perceive as having a higher status and eventually you will notice that the main difference lies in their mentality.


be generous


The halo effect is a principle in which our judgment is clouded by the appearance and image of people, creating prejudices about people who in our opinion are more attractive and warm, without even knowing them.


Being generous helps the perception of people towards us to be always more positive and as a result, we become more attractive. Although clearly we should all be more generous so that our planet is much better, the Aureole Effect is something that politicians, artists and people in the media use a lot to improve their image before society.