How To Pretend To Be More Handsome

Human beings are social beings by nature. Even when each human being is presented as an individual in the world, being “human” can not be achieved if it is not related to others. Man is not an island, and we will always need others to grow, learn, develop and reproduce. One way to be handsome is with a beautiful smile. Going with your dentist in Tijuana makes you automatically handsome.

If you are a man, this work can be particularly complex when dealing with people of the opposite sex. Science then gives us some ways in which you can look more attractive if you are a man; and as a woman, aspects that you have unconsciously evaluated in your current partner or in the past. We share 10 ways in which a man looks more attractive according to science.

The effect generated by a great sense of humor in attracting a woman can be partially explained by the fact that funny people are considered more sociable and intelligent, aspects that women look for in a couple

If you analyze it carefully, think about the last meeting with friends and the first thing you will remember will be the time you laughed and the person who made you laugh; laughing makes us feel good, that’s why we seek to surround ourselves with people with whom laughing is always on the agenda. How about some stand-up comedy classes for a change?

Introducing the world as a HIGH Status


Fake it ’til you make it.


To achieve a “winning” presence you have to first feel and see yourself as a winner. The aspects to achieve this have no relation with your income or the amount of money you spend, they are more in line with the attitude you have regarding life and your way of showing yourself in different scenarios of social coexistence.


Surround yourself with people you perceive as having a higher status and eventually you will notice that the main difference lies in their mentality.


be generous


The halo effect is a principle in which our judgment is clouded by the appearance and image of people, creating prejudices about people who in our opinion are more attractive and warm, without even knowing them.


Being generous helps the perception of people towards us to be always more positive and as a result, we become more attractive. Although clearly we should all be more generous so that our planet is much better, the Aureole Effect is something that politicians, artists and people in the media use a lot to improve their image before society.

Tips To Get Boyfriend

Maybe you’re tired of being single – although the truth is, the single life is very funny – and you decide to start looking for a partner. Or maybe you’re an inveterate romantic who falls in love easily. Or maybe you have broken your heart and want to forget with a new love. Often girls do not get a boyfriend because of their ugly appearance or their teeth are crooked and their hair very careless, to solve the latter you can go with your best dentist in Tijuana or with a good stylist.

Anyway, be sure to follow these tips to get a boyfriend, although, logically, the final decision depends only on you.

Think about what you are looking for in a man

You already know who you are, what profession you like, how you like to dress, what friends you have. But do you know what you want from a man? If you have it clear, fine; but, maybe it’s a good time to think about it.

Write down the qualities you like about a man, what defects you can endure, what you do not let go of. This will help you choose correctly when you meet new people.

Meet people

It may seem obvious, but it is a step that many people ignore. If you do not know anyone, a boyfriend will not magically appear before you. Find activities that you like -pin, learn a new sport, dance-, and get down to work.

Go out at night, search the Internet, do what is most comfortable for you, but look for new people

Have confidence in yourself

This may be the most difficult point for women. Trusting yourself, your aptitudes – whether it’s an impeccable hair, a body of heart attack, a successful career, an incredible sweetness – will make you more attractive to men.

Nobody likes women insecure themselves, so put your batteries in this aspect, and introduce yourself confident to that man you like so much.

Become a friend

It is ideal that you start with a friendly relationship before you start dating. If a man attracts you, seek to know him first before embarking on a relationship and ending up with a broken heart. Knowing him as friends will allow you to better know the defects and virtues so that friendship serves as your base.

It is also the opportunity to show that you are different from the rest and it is worthwhile to notice yourself.

Help him to feel good

This is very important: if you like someone, try to make them feel good about themselves and with you. Everyone wants to be with someone who makes him feel a better person, although be careful: do not try to change it, but improve its virtues and defects. Leave criticism aside, and also let him make you feel better.

Bulimia And Anorexia Affect More Adults Than Adolescents

85% of patients are over 18 years old. A decade ago it was the opposite. Mature women and men also suffer from the disease. Apart from hurting your teeth deeply and your mouth smells really bad your teeth look yellow and cavities the most favorable for you is to go with a Mexico dentists, have a healthy diet and not vomit what you eat

Losing weight for the summer is the goal of many people. The topic that anorexia and bulimia are exclusive diseases of adolescent girls has been broken. Nor do they affect only women (men with these disorders are already 10%, a decade ago, 5%) or adults are not saved from them. In fact, 85% of people who attend associations of relatives of patients are over 18 years old, a proportion contrary to that of the past decade.

On the one hand there are the anorexics that do not get cured when they reach adulthood, and on the other hand, the mature people who they eat and then vomit (bulimia) as a result of a crisis or aesthetic fashions.

The doctor also talks about “binge eating disorder,” a growing disorder that occurs in people who calm their anguish by eating food in a disorderly manner.

The age group with the highest incidence of eating disorders is around 30 years of age: It coincides with the age of pregnancy, and in many women postpartum depression leads to bulimia, when trying to recover the previous body , since it is what they see in the famous ones”. In addition, the crises of the forties and fifties are also dangerous.

Experts explain that both women and men fall into eating disorders at those ages “when they leave the beauty canon. There have been cases of people over 70 and even some great-grandmother. In men, bulimia is more common than anorexia. They do not usually stop eating, but they do provoke vomiting more frequently.

In addition, bulimia spreads faster and already affects five times more people than anorexia. Relatives and doctors differ in the best way to treat them.

The first ones ask to be admitted to make an integral follow-up; while the professionals believe that it is more effective “to offer them a center where they spend part of the day, they are given psychological support and they are taught to eat in health.

How To Prevent And Stop Bullying

Nothing serves as an excuse for not acting forcefully in the face of any indication of bullying.

The stage of childhood is one of the most vulnerable in the face of aggression and is when parents have to take care of them. Many children are bullied for their physical appearance as crooked teeth which can be solved if you wear it with a dentist in mexico or some for being fat what is solved with physical activity and a good gym or wearing very large lenses for that is also the help from ophthalmologists.

Sometimes the quickest way to end bullying is to solve the problem for which children make fun of.

A great suffering in the victims, problems in the development of learning or negative consequences for the physical and / or mental health of harassed and stalkers that can extend to adulthood, becoming perennial and irreversible. These are some of the perverse effects of bullying.

Teachers in cases of bullying
Bullying is, on many occasions, very difficult to detect because, by definition, it is a situation of harassment of a group of schoolchildren against a helpless victim that takes place out of sight and control of adults. The toilets, the playground, sometimes the dining room, the surroundings of the schools and the virtual environment (mobile phone, social networks) are the most common spaces where these undesirable actions take place.

The observation: first tool against harassment
Nervousness, anxiety, sudden changes of character, a significant and abrupt decrease in school performance for no apparent reason, absences to class without justification … Detecting this type of symptoms in a student can put the teacher on the track of a possible case of harassment school.

Pay attention to the possible victim
Listening is the main resource. You should never underestimate a complaint or comment from a student who claims to suffer bullying. Although you have the perception that everything can be a subjective opinion of the boy or girl, you must act immediately and try to investigate more about the matter, dialoguing with both the alleged victims and potential bullies.

Educational measures and immediate protection
When the signs of bullying are sufficient, the intervention should not be delayed. Following the protocol of the center or, in the case that it has not been developed, some more general, the educational and disciplinary measures foreseen in these cases must be taken.

Education based on respect and tolerance
Although the complexity and often the urgency of the situation mean that these tools are not always enough, the ideal way to avoid bullying is to treat it from the same base, through education, where not only the school but also the school is involved. family and the whole society, based on values such as respect, tolerance or empathy with others: putting oneself in the place of the other.

It is very important that all the actions carried out are carried out in the shortest possible time with educational measures related to the behavior to be corrected. A problem of this type dilated in time, usually does nothing but aggravate.

How to overcome of a failure

Every human being at some point in his life has suffered a big failure, from failing a major exam, arriving late to an important job interview until he is drunk and crashing his new car, finally the list of things that we can be wrong or failure is infinite and some happens more than others, however some people get very busy in their mistakes that they fear doing new things like becoming independent or making decisions on their own because they think they will make mistakes again. So how do you get out of the hole when you can not see the light? That’s when you have to be emotionally strong and understand that, depending on where you focus your attention, your emotions will be defined there.

When, for example, you only think about the problems you are facing, you are creating and prolonging your negative emotions and stress, things that are not going to help you at all, but that will only make your life feel worse.

Rather you should focus on the solutions, it is like falling and hurting a tooth, instead of complaining because you dropped a tooth and lamenting how bad your smile looks, go to a dentist for dental implants in Tijuana and recover your smile, what same applies to everything, although sometimes the solutions are not so visible.

Another important factor to move forward and succeed in life is not to torture ourselves with past mistakes but also not completely forget about them, since we could commit them again, we must stay with the lesson we learned from them and move on.

Each person struggles with different things and it is a waste of time to be comparing yourself with others or worry about what others think of you, as well as wasting time also take away energy that you could use for more productive activities than a simple criticism. So in each fall get up and do not look at the sides, just forward.

Ways To Leave Friendzone

For some people the friendzone is another excuse to be sad, but certainly the friendzone exists; This is not a modern invention, an excuse, or a dramatic argument for movies or series. The friendzone is a reality, and it is when someone is tremendously in love with another person, but no matter how many attempts he makes, he is and always will be a good friend and only that. Sometimes the girls do not pay attention to the boys who are not physically attractive although this is not something that can be completely solved if Something can be done to improve the situation, for example go to your dentist for cosmetic dentistry Tijuana Mexico and fix your smile to make it more clean, white and charming.

And not only happens to men, it is very common to find stories of guys who have been in the friendzone; also happens to girls and there are many victims of this modern disease, in which something happens and for the love of your life, you become only your great friend of the soul, no matter what you do or the attempts you make, you are always the great friend of the soul, one more sister.

But leaving the friendzone is not impossible, you just need to repeat to yourself that you are already tired of that area, you want to leave the area of ??friends and take action to get out of this dangerous area.

1. Give your space
The first thing I recommend you do is stop spending so much time with the other person, if you want to stop seeing your sister, become indispensable and that he value your time and company; He will not do it if you are always there.

2. Stay entertained
If you are always thinking what he is doing, who he is with or if he is doing well, you will never take your mind off the friends zone. You need to do other things and meet other people.

3. Do not always be available for that person
You may have to say NO to them sometimes, although this will cost you work, because of the feelings and importance that that person generates; he must understand that if he wants your total company, love and affection, he must offer you something more than his friendship.

4. Look beautiful
It seems that in modern times what should matter most is what is inside, but for men this parameter is not yet so important; Never forget that a man falls in love with his sight. It is not always on how you look but also how you smell, try new lotions or fragrances.

5. Give him jealousy
Normally we always value things when we see them lost, in this case you never forget “you never know what you have, until another person comes and enjoys it”. So spend time with others, upload photos with handsome people and they will realise that you worth it.

When The Family Needs The Help You Can’t Give

In a time full of divorces or simply the death of a father or a couple, in a family can cause an imbalance and often the functions of the father of a family are delegated to one of the children, who live with many responsibilities that you should not.

In these situations it is generally the older children who assume the role of substitute parents for their younger siblings and are the first to contribute to the house with money, starting to work from an early age. They saw their parents leave and instinctively so to speak they try to create a balance in the family with the aim of trying to preserve its structure and functionality.

So if you went through this situation and now you are an adult trying to build your own family with someone else but you have your mother in your care and you can not leave her alone, it is true that we have to be responsible for our parents and make ourselves charges of them when they have aged, but when it has to be balanced, now you need to be happy and it is not that your mother is going to prevent it, but I take care of her a long time, it would be best to take her to a nursing care Tijuana Mexico, that does not mean that you do not want it or that you do not care, rather you care a lot and you want to receive better medical care that at this time you can no longer, due to work and to meet your own family.

But making decisions for our benefit is not easy after having spent a lifetime living for the good of others, may have opposite feelings, be confused and be afraid to leave the family to luck and anguish for not having a life of their own . It is a difficult situation to understand, both for yourself and for others.
It is preferable to face the situation carefully so that they have not been affected. The family can interpret that it is an attitude of disloyalty not to assume the commitment that has been delegated for quite some time.
But neither is it about taking a physically and emotionally distant attitude, but about moving away from the function gradually, distributing the functions among the different members that make up the family.

How To Start Taking Action In Your Life

Many times we do not do things we want for what they will say, if you perform plastic surgery they will tell you that you have a false body, if you have dental implants or teeth whitening with ProDent they will tell you that you have a fake smile, but the truth is that people are envious and does not want to see you happy, it is best not to listen to the advice or constructive criticism of people who have not built anything.

Many people will think about your life, they will tell you or that you do not do the weight loss surgery in Tijuana Mexico you’ve always wanted, or to look for another job, that you do not waste your time, that you did not study a professional career to dedicate yourself to doing something else. Do not listen. They are the same ones who in the future will ask you how you did to succeed.

At the end of your days you will regret more for the decisions you made, than for those you did not take for fear of what they will say. Even though your decisions lead to failures, are your failures and your experiences, you are the one who will learn. Do not be afraid to take risks and assume the consequences of life.

Remember that if you make a mistake you should take what you learned from this experience and remember it for future decisions but that does not mean you should remember it to make you feel bad or think you are a failure. You must find a balance between remembering and forgetting, because if you live with the memory in your mistakes, the only thing you are doing is focusing on the negative side of things, while forgetting completely will make you repeat them.

Another simple way to change your life is to take walks, or perform any physical activity that you like, it has been proven that people who exercise at least twice a week, feel more competent socially, intellectually and athletically; in addition to having a better health and higher self-esteem.

Beyond the physical changes that increase confidence in yourself, is that when you exercise you generate endorphin which makes you a fuller and happier person, in addition to exercising you clear your mind and help you to think better and make better decisions.

Life Tips To Live Better

We all want to live a happy and full life, but because few achieve it? In reality it is a very difficult path, to be happy you have to have the ability to be flexible and be constantly adapting to your environment, if you expect others to adapt to you, you will live a life without satisfaction.Do the things you want regardless of the opinion of others, of course as long as these decisions do not affect other people, but if you want to do something like having breast implants in Tijuana, do it!

And one of the feelings that easily paralyzes everyone and loses them in their search for how to be happy in life is fear, fear of failure, fear of being ridiculous, fear of change. But in reality when you assume the change, you manage to understand it and enjoy it is when you can see the opportunities. You must understand that you are destined to fail if you continue doing the same as always, and that simply ignoring the change will not make it go away.

Also something that will help you to relax is to limit your coffee cups, if this may be a rare advice but in addition to staining your teeth as Tijuana dentists have warned, coffee activates the release of adrenaline in your body and this may be useful in some situations but for your daily life to put your body and brain in a hyperactive state of stress where your emotions dominate your behavior does not sound like a good idea. This is why mentally strong people know that taking too much caffeine does not let them think clearly, a calm mind thinks better.

And if you are one of those who say yes to everyone, you should know that a study conducted by the University of California in San Francisco revealed that the more difficult it is for a person to say no to other people, the more likely they are to feel stressed , despair, and even depression. The strong and happy people know how to say no, since, not only is healthy, but this cultivates their self-esteem being as clear as possible from the beginning.

But not only that sometimes you also have to say no to yourself, work on what you like so much instead of playing video games or reading a good book instead of watching television, things that seem to be more difficult but are more satisfying to do things that are simpler but do not contribute anything good.

And last but not least is sleeping well. For many people sleeping is one of the last things they can worry about, if they have a problem, they prefer to find solutions to sleep, but in reality, when you sleep, your brain removes toxic proteins that your brain created during the day and when you eliminate them, you will think clearly morning.

Unfortunately, your brain can only remove them properly when you are sleeping, and if you decide to do it little, it will never have enough time to do it. Consequently you will not be able to think well due to the presence of these toxins, something that even coffee can not solve.